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  1. Match Prep?!?! The only thing I've been waiting for <333333 Keep up the great work fellas.
  2. Can anyone give me an answer on when match preparation will be ready? As if its not going to be until full release can someone confirm so I can be put out of my misery. Literally the only feature I bought FMRTE for
  3. Great work guys, any idea on how long for the match prep? haha I know, tacky! I'm sorry lol im a tactics whore thats all
  4. I'm not rushing anything, it can come out next week for all I care my only point was why there wasn't a definitive release date like 10/11/16 for example. He does a fine job and coding is not easy! I don't want to go on about it I have said my bit
  5. Hahahaha. Here we are with another one. I'm not even going to dignify you with a response
  6. So people like yourself will notice and create a stir in the forums would be my educated guess.
  7. I know. The fact the mods blindly defend it aswell baffles me. Its like Braca is their God the way they say "Braca has told us" / "When Braca is ready" / "At Braca's pace" It's like they actually don't or just don't WANT to understand what we're talking about.
  8. Highly doubt it myself, no one seems to want to confirm anything, just a lacklustre "one or two days" two days ago. Mods say "Braca has told us when it is coming" No he definitely hasn't haha! He gave us a rough idea. Really don't understand why he hasn't put people out of their misery and say yay or nay. Unless he is trying to create a "buzz" or wave of anticipation. Either way its lost on me.
  9. I haven't once asked where FMRTE is? Read my post history, and can I please get an explanation why my post was deleted?
  10. You have got to be kidding me. You've deleted my post? Why?
  11. Thankyou man! I will try not to waste my money on a second purchase this year! & apologies all round for my misunderstanding
  12. In that case I apologise profusely For some reason I have bought it more than once in past years lol! Can someone please explain what is meant by 3 activations then! Sorry for the noob question haha
  13. Maybe I'm the one whos confused so if I buy fmrte 17 when it releases, I wont have to buy again and it will work with every patch until the next game comes out?
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