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  1. It's the same process as csrutil enable --without debug but in reverse: you're turning everything off and then switching them all (except debug) on again. It depends on your comfort levels but I would be cautious about what you download and install moving forward. If you're not comfortable then don't do it but it's nothing that BraCa can fix.
  2. Hi everyone Looks like without debug is not working in big sur. Got it working with the following csrutil disable --with kext --with dtrace --with nvram --with basesystem
  3. Just to confirm that FMRTE 21 is working on Big Sur with the command csrutil disable --with kext --with dtrace --with nvram --with basesystem
  4. Please see attached screenshots. I took a picture of the terminal in recovery mode but this for some reason will not sync to my library. I have typed --without debug twice now and it looks as if csrutil enable --without debug does not work in Big Sur. A quick google shows people on GitHub are having difficulties. It looks as if you have to disable the SIP entirely instead use the following command in terminal: csrutil disable --with kext --with dtrace --with nvram --with basesystem I will try again with the above command and confirm to you whether that works instead
  5. Thanks for getting back to me so swiftly! Nope - the same error message appears
  6. I probably should've posted here instead of on the bug forum so feel free to delete whichever one is not relevant. I have partially disabled the SIP following your instructions (double checked using LockRattler - says I am using a "custom configuration") and restarted my laptop twice and yet I am still unable to load as I get the error message.
  7. I have followed the instructions on here to enable SIP without debug and checked I have done this successfully with LockRattler - it says I have a "custom configuration". I have restarted my laptop twice but this error message (referring to FM20) is still coming up.
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