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  1. Hi, you should re-introduce affiliations clubs, it´s very usefull.
  2. i've noticed 2 things: 1º future transfers if we change the value to lower, it will be exactly the same. 2º for example i put the number of scout's 20, i wont have the 20 and the board doesn't allow me more if they think i have enough, so it doesnt matter the number of staff i put it wont change after a certain number of it
  3. i've download it and it doesnt start, just keeps loading and nothing else!!!!, this way i won't buy the license
  4. Hi, my fmrte setup doesn´t start, it just keeps loading
  5. you have removed from the affiliaded or satellite club the add/remove button option please put it back, and also gives bug if i simple change the team
  6. n_pires


    ok, i have the latest version of fm and fmrte i run administrator i dont know what rhat beta is so i think im not using this beta thing... so now can you help me with the freezed players dont stayed freezed???
  7. n_pires


    i have freezed the players but the attributes keep's getting lower
  8. I also have the same problem, i haved freeze the player, also includes staff member, i set them for legend and i have freeze them , and them make 5/6 matches their attributes decreased by 5, need help
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