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  1. Sorry if I didn't write the last comment. I wanted to thank you for the answers and yes I solved the problem! I am happy and thank you very much!
  2. No, but I didn't say it was an FMRTE problem. I wrote more than anything to try to solve the problem in the short term, but also in the long term by inserting a form (or how to write it) to increase the scout budget such as that for the budget, transfers, etc. etc. However it seems to work. Thanks for your help! Sincerely.
  3. No, the cursor does not move. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- Edit 10:11 Now works. I finished the season and they gave me € 836m and I can move the "ball" from right to left (reaching € 5.01M) and from left to right. I terminated the contract with many scouts and only stayed with 5 scouts. Could it be that I had so many that I couldn't get the right budget?
  4. I tried a new save and yes I have a good budget but it is the first day, we should look after a season. The screen below. The skin I put both the original base of the game and the Wannachup-FM20-Instant-Result-Light, nothing changes. Due to the fact of the cache I put: 'Reload the skin when confirming changes in the Customize menu'
  5. Skin: Wannachup-FM20-Instant-Result-Light. However I tried to lower the salary budget and the transfer budget but nothing changes. I also put the base skin of the game but nothing changes. If I apply to management, it tells me that I have enough money.
  6. What is your FM version: FM 20.2.3 (1330207 M.E. v2026) I have steam set to online, screenshot is below. What is your FMRTE version:- FMRTE20.2.3 (build 21) I have used the update feature says I am using the current version (_Your FMRTE version is up to date (last check was on 03/02/2020 00:36)), screenshot is below. Are you Beta testing for S.I.- No Are you running FMRTE as administrator - Yes Any other information: my operating system is windows 10 pro, windows update set to automatic, last update was on 21/01/2020 and was a Feature update to Wind
  7. True, you're right, I apologize. Then: Club: F.C. International (since I created the little man and the database, so 2019) Transfer Budget - Salary Budget: € 2 billion and in the company information: society structure, training structure, youth structures, youth training, young recruits, morale: all 20 company reputation: 10000 I hope I have written everything.
  8. Already done, nothing changes. the "ball" remains still, blocked. I don't know if I'm explained.
  9. It 's what I try to do, but to me the "ball" is on Budget Transfers and not on Budget Transfers.
  10. How can I do? because I use FMRTE and I put € on budget, transfers budget and salary budget, but nothing changes.
  11. Hello, Is it possible to enter the observers budget on finances? When I try to put observers on the Youth - World Report Package, it tells me that I don't have enough money (€ 2.56 / month), if I make a request to the management they tell me that they already have too much money and I find myself with this little money for observers I hope I was clear. Thank you, Sincerely.
  12. Hello, i have an iMac Mid 2011 with i7 processor then when I try to freeze the team or a player gives me an error (I do not know what an error) and tells me that I must read the error.log file that was generated in the FMRTE folder. The fact is that no error.log file is generated in the FMRTE folder how can I fix it? Thank you, Yours sincerely.
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