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  1. Closing both programs helped. Not a future solution but I suppose in a future patch this will be solved? Anyway. Thank you again
  2. 4. Maybe those? Nothing specifically about FMRTE but it is the exact time/times I tried running it.
  3. Hi 1. Windows 10 (fully updated) 2. Both installed 3. There is. Nothing in it though. Completely blank notepad file. 4. Can't find any crash in Windows Event Viewer regarding FMRTE. 5. Appreciate it.
  4. Hi guys FMRTE 20 for windows won't launch. I have tried reinstalling and rebooting etc. Nothing works. Please help.
  5. Hi guys I just bought FMRTE 20 for windows and it seems i can't open FMRTE. It starts but shuts down immediately after. I have tried reinstalling, rebooting etc. Nothing worked so far. Any fix for this? Thanks.
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