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  1. Nice one, and good timing for me at least.
  2. Just another heads up. Game has been updated to 15.1.4 today 27/11/2014.
  3. You need to export the original stats before altering them, otherwise once they're overwritten they can't be reset.
  4. Well iFMRTE has just been updated, so I can't imagine FMRTE being much longer.
  5. Nope. Best off going into offline mode so it won't update.
  6. There is a newer version available, however SI released an update to FM which rendered it useless.
  7. It'll be updated as soon as possible. Bit of patience maybe?
  8. Bit late for that, fired up Steam and the game updated
  9. Thanks for your efforts in getting this out ASAP BraCa.
  10. And how exactly have you paid for nothing?
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