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  1. FMRTE does not remember that frozen players need to be frozen upon loading the program. You need to manually re-freeze all the players upon startup. This was not an issue in Build 18.
  2. Dear FMRTE team, Yesterday, FMRTE was working without problems. Today, somehow, my manager link on FMRTE became unreadable and I cannot access my team from the Favourites dropdown menu anymore. Checking my players' relations, it would seem as if the FMRTE entry for my manager has disappeared or simply become unreadable. Your kind support would be greatly appreciated. Sincerely, Haku.
  3. So, with FM 2019 now on us, has anyone figured out how to supercharge player development yet?
  4. Is it just me, or is player development in FM 2019 a lot slower now?
  5. I tried setting Determination and Natural Fitness to 25, but the editor (or the game) keeps reverting them back to 20. Based on the FMRTE archives, if you set professionalism, temperament, ambition and loyalty to a value between 99 and 127, you will get supercharged player development. Does this still work?
  6. I would very much support this. Right now, changing CA and thus, the PA to suit the CA, is a shot in the dark; I would like to minimise the amount of CA lost.
  7. @DLN excellent news. I am looking forward to the update!
  8. However, this problem was not there in previous editions of FMRTE. This is why I am asking this question this time.
  9. The presets are working...on normal players, but not on players who have been modified in the ways that I have specified above.
  10. Has anyone tried to use presets on players with: PAs of more than 200. Determination and Natural Fitness set to 25. Professionalism, Loyalty and Ambition set to 30. As far as I can tell, it is not working for me. Could anyone share their experiences? I made a standalone topic here.
  11. Has anyone checked out this bug on FMRTE for FM 2017 yet? Basically, none of the presets work anymore when you set a player's PA to be over 200. I also adjusted: Professionalism, Ambition and Loyalty to 30. Determination and Natural Fitness to 25. All other things are within normal bounds.
  12. I received the same thing: General activation failure. Details: A new version of FMRTE is available. You have to update FMRTE to the latest version. An online activation does not work. I'm also having problems with an offline activation as well; the licence key gives the same problem.
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