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  1. Updates just for privacy policy 😡
  2. askl56

    iFMRTE 18 for Mac OS

    Yeah bump. As a mac user I've made my peace with not having parity with the Windows version but core functionality like this should be fixed. I've made a bug report.
  3. Does anyone want to share any more presets?
  4. askl56

    FMRTE on Linux?

    I think this is going to become more and more of an issue as Apple sees attrition with the crap that is the new Macbook Pros.
  5. askl56

    iFMRTE 17 for Mac

    The overall price is irrelevant, the only price that matters is the price relative to the windows edition. If you get a big mac for $3 and your buddy does as well and he gets 3 burgers instead of 1, you would still feel like you had gotten short changed. You've also completely ignored the feature gap between the two platforms.
  6. askl56

    iFMRTE 17 for Mac

    I say this every year, but there really should be a discount on the mac version given that it doesn't follow the same release schedule, and has less features. Either that or developers like myself are happy to help.
  7. askl56


    GoBLiN, will the mac version be more full featured and similar to the windows version than previous iFMRTEs?
  8. I'm being serious, this is the last straw for me. Offer this at a lower price than the windows version or im never buying your services again. To imply it's even close to the same program is completely ridiculous.
  9. You spit in the face of mac users every time. It's ridiculous.
  10. Even when I go through the file manager and edit the xml files, the game doesn't change the presets. How do I fix this?
  11. What are the new features? Seems to be the same as iFMRTE 14 unless I am missing something...
  12. I just ordered a new license but no email came through?
  13. askl56

    iFMRTE 2015 Update

    I agree, but if that doesn't make sense then neither does charging the same for the mac version or pretending they are an equal priority.
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