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  1. thanks Braga forr all your efforts! just patch 6 arrived, but still "stadiumchanger' seems to be locked'. finally you can change the colour of the seats from the accommodation, but I think for the rest problem remains. Or maybe I am doing something terrible wrong. If not, I hope you can find a brilliant solution one of this weeks. I have added 2 printscreens. the left says still cherry red ( after changing with FMRTE) and on the right page you see indeed the correct info after the mutation in the club info screen. to be sure I started the game against Watford and indeed: Cherry red rises again.
  2. and I discovered another 'issue' , it is not possible to change the prices of ticket/ seasontickets.>> you can't see any difference in the game after operation FMRTE. in some cases FM 2020 has decided to charge very unbelievable ticketprices. thats were your budget goes… thanks for the good job already! 👌
  3. hi guys, I am affraid, despite the update/ patch from yesterday the problem still occurs. I have tried for instance to switch the stadium from Rotherham ( NY stadium) with the Cherry Red Stadium from Wimbledon.. Followed the buttons and FMRTE says: mutation succesfull but in game nothing chanced: still same stadium. and good to know: After the mutation in FMRTE ( Cherry Red >>New York Stadium ) have tried to change colour of the seats, but here error appears in screen..
  4. I don't know.. If you going to change colour of seats etc, then It works, but If you for instance change your whole stadium with the Liverpool Stadium, in the info screen of the club there is a indeed new info/ stadiumname and specs but If you play the game the old stadium appears… same problem in previous version of FMRTE ( 2018)
  5. Hi guys, facing the following problem>> changing stadium, using FMRTE and in FM 2020 clubinfo screen/ general the new stadium name/ capacity appears, but in the game / match schedule the 'old/ Original stadium' appears>> seems to be, there is no connection at this level/ mutation is not activated in the end. please let me know! many thanks
  6. same! FMRTE 'vet' already discovered some irritating errors and inaccuracies at team .. stadium also completely shit, have to rebuild important parts
  7. full of confidence! was record speed last year 😎
  8. great, thanks! , will see this appear then...
  9. great! and can we expect also more extensive choice at stadium 3d? So type stand, 'third' stadium? Or do I miss someything and is this feature already there and I am blind?
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