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  1. Surely there should be more options than just this and more than just a basic edit function on the very, very few club details? Why is FMRTE for Mac so much more basic than the Windows version?!
  2. Hi, Sorry I think I started a new topic in the wrong section. I've downloaded the iFMRTE 2012 for Mac (it says v1.03) and I've bought the license. However I'm not getting any options to edit my team. I can search for teams, but I can't do anything useful to it. I thought when you loaded a game it opened up all the details about your team in the screen under favourites? But there is no favourites option. Please help! Thanks
  3. Hi, I've downloaded FMRTE 2012 for Mac and bought the license but it isn't working. All I can do is search for teams or players, not actually do anything to my save. Please help!
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