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  1. I'm sorry Greyfox, should have put it cleaner. This is the important information: I have FM 14 and with FMRTE I edited a player and his attributes, I also changed the CA (lowered it). A few weeks later the attributes started to decline heavily. That's the issue I have, is there anyway to solve it or change the attributes in a way that they don't regress after?
  2. Hello! I edited a couple of players as I wanted to put myself in the game, but I noticed that after a week or two the player starts to regress A LOT. At first I thought it was because I made them too good and with a low CA, so I thought they were regressing to what it was supposed to be their CA. But later I noticed how they had a Jadedness of 200 (and they barely had played). So I think that's why they started to regress so heavily. I edited back to put their jadedness at -200 but after 4 days (without games) they're already in jadedness -4. What can I do so their jadedness acts normally like with the rest of players? EDIT: I checked some other players of my team and they also have a bit high jadedness but don't regress at all. How should I edit my players?
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