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  1. You can also offer some contracts to the "grey" players. After that, they'll become white. It's usefull when you don't have enought players in your team.
  2. Hi I've just notice than some staff transferts appears in "Future Transferts". Do you think it's possible to add an information "player/non-player" to find it easily? The only way i found ATM it's to look at the future "Team Status". If it's blank, it's a staff. Thx for reading and your answeres. Tony
  3. Hi @BraCa what's your opinion on my suggestion?
  4. my advice is to remove the Portugal nationality, call the guy in Angola, and when he accepts the call, put it back the Portugal nationality
  5. Me too ❤️ I would like it so much. Hope we'll be listen ^^
  6. Thx for the answer. Indeed I can use this alternative. I hope they will find my idea usefull and integrate it in a next update.
  7. Hi I've seen on the main editor of the game a little option who make a player "finish is carrier in his actual club" (in french, in English it seems to be "Retiring after spell at current club") Do you think it's possible to add it on FMRTE too? Thx by advance
  8. Hi! Thanks for the response! And the compliment! The problem is I want to change it on a current game... And your answer don't give me hope for that I'm not sure it's possible neither but I try anyway to ask you ! If anyone else know if it's possible by FMRTE... for a in-game change (I just realized I didn't precised it in my original post... sorry ) Have a good day.
  9. Hi, First of all, I'm really sorry for my English. I'm french and I'll try to write correctly and I'm sorry if I make mistake. I have a question for the '14 version (yes i know I play an old version lol). I would like to add the FIFA WC's qualification for Gibraltar National Team (they only play UEFA matchs) and I wonder if it's possible to add it with FMRTE or to switch with another National Team (Malta for example) always with FMRTE (in my example Malta will have only UEFA games and Gibraltar UEFA and FIFA games). Thanks by advance for your future repsonses. Cheers, Tony
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