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  1. Well, last season in my save i got a date issue and need to register manually my team in Fifa Worlds Club and doing that i got lot of problems (some players i cant register for some reason).... Now in the current season im trying to do the same, but, in Libertadores and again, for some reason, some players i cant register. What im doing wrong? Is this a known bug? http://prntscr.com/gwt0y4 http://prntscr.com/gwt13f http://prntscr.com/gwt1cr
  2. As the tittle says, when I try to filter players (in club tab) by Started Contract Date, this messages are showing. Bug
  3. Since 2014 it happens to me, maybe before haha
  4. To do it you need to make a later transf. If you try it with negotiation status you only can edit the mass value of transfer, not clauses. Basically you only can do it if the transfer are show in future transfer.
  5. Nice improvement, Eusebio! Cheers, Translator pt-br;
  6. If it caused by FMRTE is your fault. Maybe you change some attributes that affect contract, check this. Here, sometimes FMRTE show some players that have no contract with my club, i think it caused by freezer bug, so, to avoid any problem i save my game, close then reopen(not reload) FMRTE and everything is okay.
  7. You're welcome! Everything for a better and easier experience with FMRTE!
  8. Hi guys, I'm back! The year is running out for the FM 16 and I believe that the SI will not release new updates, since we are already close to the FM 17. Thinking about it, I also believe that the FMRTE should not receive any further update, at least, not a big to include some new feature in the software. So ... I finished the translation and I hope it is a final version. The default version of my translation was released in build 18 of FMRTE, so, if you still using this, is completely outdated and possible have lots of bugs, since, much feature has been added over the updates. I think I released an updated version in build 25(i really don't remember, but, it does not matter)and it obviously, is outdated to current build. Well, no more furthering XD here is a quick guide for how to install and use the translator(works for ANY language you download). Download the file portuguese_br.xml from this thread. Copy then paste in (X:\FMRTE 16\Languages) folder If it ask to you to overwrite, do it. Open your FMRTE, click in the button "FMRTE" near the Load Button Choose "Settings" Click in the arrow of Language line and choose "Português(BR)" Wait until FMRTE load the language Click the Save Button Profit Download Portuguese Translation (sorry about the external link, but, for some reason i cant upload using the fmrte forum system)
  9. Probably not, because it requires a good script logic and i think fmrte dont have it because it is unnecessairy. What you can do is filter this players, freeze then apply your preset and then unfreeze.
  10. Scheimann


    How can i get the current date of the game in Preset Manager? :] I try #date# and others but not working :[ PS: [string replacement]
  11. Thanks Gob! There's any chance to made this into a official one? **Update v16.17b** Updated to work with new features of FMRTE **Update v16.18b** Updated to work with build 18. New PPM's, Features in Staff Profiles and more. portuguese_br.xml
  12. Hello everyone! Well, i cant access the translation area to post it, then ill do it here. I noticed that translation to portuguese(PT) is outdated since fmrte 14 i think, then i decided to make a new one. The translation is based on original English and have some extra infos(for example, in prefered moves) Attention! I not change the original position of information. I think theres no erros in translation(i not saw any bad lang file), but if you found, please report and ill fix it(or do it by yourself) Thanks =D To install correctly, follow this steps: 1. Download portugues.xml for FMRTE 15 or portugues16.xml for FMRTE 16(yes it different), 2. Go to Languages folder inside FMRTE and paste your file. 3. Open FMRTE and go to Settings, then, select Português(BR) and save. 4. Hit the reload screen button on FMRTE and enjoy! Publicação em Português: Olá a todos! Eu percebi que há muito tempo não há uma atualização da tradução em Portugues, e por isso, eu decidi criar uma. A tradução original, para alguns, pode também ser um pouco estranha(como foi para mim)o que me motivou a criar essa versão em PT-BR (chega de guarda-redes e avançados!). Aproveitei para adicionar algumas informações extras que vocês encontrarão e ajudarão a esclarecer as funções do FMRTE(como por exemplo nos movimentos preferidos). Foi utilizado a versão de tradução original do arquivo em Ingles para fazer esta tradução, portanto, não modifiquei nenhuma posição nem nada do genero. Eu acho que não há nenhum erro na tradução, mas, se você encontrar algum, por favor reporte neste post para que eu possa corrigir. Para instalar corretamente, siga as instruções: 1. Faça o download do arquivo portugues.xml(FMRTE15) ou portugues16.xml(FMRTE16). 2. Vá para a pasta onde instalou o FMRTE, procure pela pasta Languages e copie para dentro o arquivo baixado. 3. Abre o FMRTE, vá para Settings e busque pela nova tradução no capo de Idiomas. O nome é Português(BR). 4. Salve a alteração, pressione o botão para recarregar(ou reinicie o FMRTE apos salvar) e aproveite! portugues16.xml
  13. My freezer manager didnt work anymore... any guide that i can follow? PS: just working for staff members, players, not.. Theres a chance to add more payment methods for other ppl? I suggest paymentwall. For brazilians, at least, is the better way to buy online with credit card, bank transfer and etc.(look, in br is a little more hard to get a international card and paypal doesnt make the conversion anymore..) I dont have internet in my main pc(that i play fm and use fmrte) and i want buy fmrte 16, but, without internet i dont know if i can activate the licence. Ok, theres an offline activation, but, this option still needing internet!!! Suggestions? Edit: how can i get fmrte user title in forum? thx xD
  14. Go to Messi's panel and look for "transfer proposal" tab, them, change it. If the transfer is already done, look for "future transfer" tab(only available if you sold at end of season).
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