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  1. vandercarl

    [19] - Homegrown in Belgium

    Perfect for Italy many thanks
  2. vandercarl

    [19] - Homegrown in Belgium

    Great! thank you
  3. vandercarl

    [19] - Homegrown in Belgium

    Same problem with players grown in the CLUB for the Italian League; if i use FMRTE to make player grown in the Club, FM 19 doesn't show the icon and they will not be grown in the club, so i can't register them in the official selection. (in that case you have to have also X players grown in your club)
  4. vandercarl

    [19] - Homegrown in Belgium

    Hi everybody, i've got the same problem in the Italian League with the players formed in the Club. Thanks a lot Regards Carlo

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