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  1. Yup that is correct. Sometimes reload some RNG draws 😂 I also assume FMRTE is needed to be loaded and running for freezing to work right? I have since just always close FMRTE first before reloading to avoid the crashing error in the main game, but it would be great to not have to do it 😀
  2. Yup I noticed this as well and was about to post on it.
  3. I only started using the freezing recently. I noticed that since then, when I reload last game, the game will crash more than half the time while loading. I have since tried troubleshooting and found that it does not happen if FMRTE is not on or if I turn off the freezing. 20.2.3 Build 19
  4. I believe this is only happening for 20.2.1 because previously it was still working. Basically if try to add a new relation and edit it, for example like person, the search field would not change no matter what I choose. In the screenshots provided, I tried changing the values but it will still remain as the one from the top left relationship.
  5. The current version 15.3.2, we are still unable to editing the mental attributes? I would imagine it is an easy feature since coaching attributes can be edited.
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