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  1. You need to make a preset. Otherwise you have to use the freeze-function.
  2. Have you tried to boost up youth rating to 200 for eatch nation in continent?
  3. Good to hear that the version for FM21 is released. If I can be bold enough I have a question for the devs. Is there any hope that the snowflake icon would be operative for the FMRTE 20 Mac version?
  4. Wish the freezermanager with settings could be in the next version.
  5. Could this be possible again? Really misses it.
  6. 99 works, but you need to insert it manually. 99 doesnt support value in mass Edit (Mac).
  7. The thing I’ve tried is to put club values Youth recruitment and other fascilities to 99 before the youth intake. This helps and you should be given one Messi pr intake.... Still I think there might excist a much better trick. Anyone? FM 19 and FM2020 is similar when it comes to this.
  8. On laters versions of FMRTE the CA/PA could be changed to 2000/2000. In the 2020 version and the latest version 2019 of FMRTE it is limited to 500. Is it possible for you to increase the max value back to 2000? It helps other managers in not playable leagues to win matches and for me it gives extra joy to the game........... 🙂
  9. This option is not yet available in the Mac version. The devs are working on it.
  10. Command preset option is not available on the mac version yet.
  11. In "Future transfer" it seems like the dates are corrupt. I'm not managing to change the value/fee in the experimental version. It works on iFMRTE. Edit: The value can also be changed on the experimental version, but the value in the field "Transfer Date" is not the date that is agreed between the clubs and needs to be changed before editing the value of the transfer (pardon my english).
  12. Now it works just fine. Thnx a lot.
  13. When I download the new file I got the message that the file is damaged and my only option is to place it in the trashcan.
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