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  1. Henke25

    iFMRTE and FMRTE equality? :P

    The number one for me would be "freezing manager". That means that the attributes of the player can rise even if you freeze the player. I would also mention the wish to make "custom command presets" available in this years version. Brilliant working mass-edit options like Daniel Thompson is mentioning is also strongly wished. Thank you BraCa for the excellent work.
  2. Henke25

    Physical condition not freezing in ifmrte18

    It works with newest version. The bummer is that other attributes wont grow if u freeze a player in Mac version. Of course that option is available on the PC version
  3. Henke25

    Vote for your feature requests

    My future wish is that the Mac version becomes similiar to the Windows version.
  4. Henke25

    [18] - Mass edit clubs

    There are trouble with input of attendance in the mass edit function. When u insert a number and press edit, the number changes to something else. often a negative value. Please check it up. Quite annoying. Can not post any pictures, I am afraid it will ruin another save.
  5. Henke25

    Why does FMRTE for Windows and mac cost the same?

    Programing this software in Mac must be hard. That is odd.
  6. Henke25

    Fitness Cheat

    Can’t find any buttons who do this automatically. Have to change everything manually on each player before every match. Is there any trick that can make this possible in the Mac-version of FMRTE?
  7. Henke25

    [18] - Mass edit clubs

    What bugs/issues did you encounter: What is your FM version: 2018 What is your FMRTE version: 18 Which operating system are you using: Mac OS High Sierra 10.13 When applying new values to the clubs in the mass edit function the clubs reputation automatically is set to "0". It should not be changing - all the time I've not changed the values. "0" means that the value shall not be changed. Attachments:
  8. Henke25

    Help a player reach full potential

    Enter the value 127 in ambition&professional. Also apply 25 in consistency, important matches and versatility. Then plug and play.
  9. Henke25

    Superhuman/fitness cheat

    If u insert 12749 in both conditon & matchfit it will always show 100%. Otherways different kind of numbers.
  10. Henke25

    Youth Candidates

    Then I think they are at your u18 or u21... If not I think it sounds strange.
  11. Henke25

    Youth Candidates

    They are contracted to your reserve squad......
  12. Henke25


    Of course? Do u have an e-Mail?
  13. Henke25


    Managed to change the youth rating. Applyed 210. Rock solid. Thanks again.
  14. Henke25


    Thank u for advice. The youth rating of a nation does'nt change while playing, thats why I must change the bad value.

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