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  1. Henke25

    [19] - Wrong contract information

    What bugs/issues did you encounter: What is your FM version: 2019 19.2.3 What is your FMRTE version: 19 Which operating system are you using: Mojave 10.14.2 Every player and staff now appears with "non contract" in iFmrte. Attachments:
  2. Henke25

    iFMRTE 19 for Mac Os

    Command preset option is not available on the mac version yet.
  3. Henke25

    iFMRTE 19 - Experimental Versions

    In "Future transfer" it seems like the dates are corrupt. I'm not managing to change the value/fee in the experimental version. It works on iFMRTE. Edit: The value can also be changed on the experimental version, but the value in the field "Transfer Date" is not the date that is agreed between the clubs and needs to be changed before editing the value of the transfer (pardon my english).
  4. Henke25

    iFMRTE 19 - Experimental Versions

    Now it works just fine. Thnx a lot.
  5. Henke25

    iFMRTE 19 - Experimental Versions

    When I download the new file I got the message that the file is damaged and my only option is to place it in the trashcan.
  6. Henke25

    iFMRTE 19 - Experimental Versions

    Great version with the new stuff included. The picture shows that my reserve squad players are missing.
  7. Henke25

    iFMRTE 19 - Experimental Versions

    When a player is going to retire the date doesn’t appear in player information.
  8. Henke25

    iFMRTE 19 - Experimental Versions

    The "+" and "-" buttons is not working which means that we can not add new relations.
  9. Henke25

    iFMRTE 19 - Experimental Versions

    Mojave 10.14.2
  10. Henke25

    iFMRTE 19 - Experimental Versions

    Now the key works. Maybe it was the space between the letters that was wrong. Have been testing the experimental version. Works great with the new features like changing the contract-information/clauses on the players I tested with. I'm struggling with stadiums. When pushing the stadium name in the club information nothing appears.
  11. Henke25

    iFMRTE 19 - Experimental Versions

    Would like to test it. Loading and scouting is no problem, but when I'm about to save changes my licence key for Fmrte 19 is not valid.
  12. Henke25

    iFMRTE and FMRTE equality? :P

    The number one for me would be "freezing manager". That means that the attributes of the player can rise even if you freeze the player. I would also mention the wish to make "custom command presets" available in this years version. Brilliant working mass-edit options like Daniel Thompson is mentioning is also strongly wished. Thank you BraCa for the excellent work.
  13. Henke25

    Physical condition not freezing in ifmrte18

    It works with newest version. The bummer is that other attributes wont grow if u freeze a player in Mac version. Of course that option is available on the PC version
  14. Henke25

    Vote for your feature requests

    My future wish is that the Mac version becomes similiar to the Windows version.
  15. Henke25

    [18] - Mass edit clubs

    There are trouble with input of attendance in the mass edit function. When u insert a number and press edit, the number changes to something else. often a negative value. Please check it up. Quite annoying. Can not post any pictures, I am afraid it will ruin another save.

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