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  1. another file from my laptop (different device).
  2. Hi, it should be, I haven't tried but I sure can. I only have 1 license left, if I try, I am afraid that at the time I will deactivate, my license will not return.
  3. Hi FMRTE Support, I've tested it with several results and explanations. 1. I tried activation offline with fmrte 19 and also deactivate license, everything went normally. The license that has been installed, returns after deactivating it. 2. I activate FMRTE 20 on a different computer and also deactivate the license. no active firewall and no firewall feature on the antivirus. the result is the license does not return. unlike FMRTE 19 which I also tried where the license was successful again. I think this is a bug on FMRTE 20. if you want clearer evidence, I can
  4. Thank you for reminding me. I forgot that these report bugs are public. I don't have a firewall running on my computer. both windows firewall and antivirus firewall.
  5. I found a bug on fmrte, I activated it offline, but when I deactivated the license, my license didn't return to 3.
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