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  1. You need to opt-out of public beta. Your saves should be working, mine is.
  2. It won't really help with this update, because without it the game is broken and you basically have to start new save anyway
  3. Did anyone try the "25 consistency/imp matches"? It used to work very well, but now I just can't see it doing anything...
  4. If u want to use it for one player without all of this, u can just go search for your team players (search filters => contract => team => type your club name). Then u just right click on the player and u can apply it only for him. Hope u understood what i ment.
  5. I dunno if this is the right place for this, but I would like to get my FMRTE user thing next to my nickname
  6. Same here I expected this patch to be revealed this evening
  7. I have the same problem. Any news?
  8. Iwabik2

    FMRTE Mobile

    Thank you!! Now it's working
  9. Iwabik2

    FMRTE Mobile

    What about my problem?
  10. Iwabik2

    FMRTE Mobile

    When I try to connect, my mobile says: "Connection took longer than expected. Make sure FMRTE is running.".
  11. Will there be at least one more update?
  12. Why can't I save changes in player's languages?
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