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    Sorry but FM 20 already updated to 20.0.4 13116727.
  1. Ok, Auto update is not working for me. FMRTE states that it is version 14.2.0, I go to settings and it states there is a new version available (, I hit update, it starts to update, then says I have the most current version, but I'm stuck on 14.2.0), any ideas?
  2. I don't know what to tell you...other than I'm glad it worked for you...but I'm positive that it was nothing on my end...this ain't my first rodeo...the mediafire link led me to a mediafire page that indicated that mediafire was not available...and the mega link just led me to a page where just it basically did nothing just a circle type thing spinning in the middle. The file was about 8 mb so that should have taken less than 5 seconds to download. Plus I tried it again today and it worked just fine (via mediafire).
  3. The download page doesn't work. I got the license but FMRTE 14 won't download. Kinda makes people unhappy when they pay for something but they can't get it.
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