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  1. Hi there, Firstly can l thank you for the actions you have taken on my behalf. As a 'Newbie' l can get lost in all these Forum rules etc. Thanks for the screen grab. Now then this is where lm having a lot of problems. I cant get to the page that your informing me off. So can l kindly ask you if your able to [In the most stage by stage method possible. I may use computers for my work but then all l do is switch on and then click onto an icon on the desktop. If you could think that your giving a complete beginner in the world of computing thats me lol Once again many th
  2. I'm starting a new game of FM21.I have taken a team from Sky Bet Championship league 2.To make the game a little more interesting l have used the editor to amend a few things ..Things like bringing just a few great older player's, most of the team are U21 players lol.While they are not on massive ages the tops is £21050. I also have 2 players on loan and not paying any of their wages while they are at my club.This is now where it gets interesting and not playable. When it comes to Submitting the registered players for the coming seasons league matches it says that the 'Total wage bi
  3. Hi Everyone! I do hope that this question is not one thats going to bore you ... Im a player of FM and have done now for quite a few years. One thing l enjoy is just doing a few tweeks to a few teams so that it kind of makes life interesting. Unfortunately when l started up my NEW FM21 l went to the editor only to find that its only using the FM20 database. HOWEVER when the game is booted up its saying FM21 Data base. Am l kind of missing something here/ I do have to warn you that lm an over 65 year old player so my computer skills set is not as great as l would like them t
  4. Hi there and once again many thanks for this wonderful tool.. Its amazing what you can get up to!! Just a thought..... Would it be possible to include an AUTOMATIC UPDATER Function button on the Menu? Like now My FM has just been updated and l know it takes awhile for you to then do the scripts to get FMRTE 20 up to speed. So when its ready would it be great to have the boughts program to automatically update itself? Or have a Update button? Keep up the great work.. Thanks Alan
  5. Im playing FMRTE v18.1.3 (build 12) When you start to use this great addition to help with the game this time round l have noticed that when your in the Match Preparation tag there are lots of error messages that pop up. I have tried to find the report that its generated however lm struggling to locate the folder that its stored in. Anyway what happens say you put the number values to 0 from their original values to click save and the move onto another section.You go back to M.P. and the number vales have gone back to where they were. I hope this sounds okay if anyone can
  6. Just a quick question if l may? I have now Windows 10 [why they meddled with windows 7 beats me lol] Anyway l have Football Manager 16 Running [The only game l play EVER!] and your in game tool is GREAT as it helps me get the underdogs up to the top Now then today l tried to log on to the game and fired up FMRTE v16.3.0 [build27] only to get a message that this game doesn't support my game. I did download the latest download FMRTE_16.3.0.27. Which makes me think have they done yet another update? When l fire up FMRTE l get this message even though like l mentioned l hav
  7. THANKS for all your hard work so we can play the game the way we want toand not how they tell us to play it!
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