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  1. Hello, I tested and it seems that when "become unsackage"for the manager is activated, saving is impossible. FMRTE is working just fine without this option.
  2. I edited finances, club informations, staff statistics and player contracts.
  3. Hello, Whenever I'm using FMRTE and trying to save my career, the game is crashing. Then, it is not possible to load the last save anymore. Another member has the same problem : Thanks
  4. Hello, I have the same probleme. Could you please help us ? Thanks
  5. Hey team, It seems that when using FMRTE for Mac OS Mojave 10.14.3, I'm not able to save. I tried a regular career without using FMRTE and it is working as expected. Could you please help ? Thanks
  6. Hey it is working for me. Thanks for the help
  7. Thanks for the support. Unfortunately it still wont work
  8. Hello, I also cannot open FMRTE for a strange reason I got this when i'm trying Is it the same problem ? Thanks
  9. Hello, I purchased FMRTE and wasn't able to use it as you can see (screenshot) I delete and re-install many times but its still working. Could you please help me
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