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  1. BraCa

    iFMRTE 19 - Experimental Versions

    Thank you @Henke25, that issue will be fixed in our next release
  2. BraCa

    [19] - sugar dady

    Thank you for reporting this issue, it will be fixed in our next release (build 23)
  3. BraCa

    iFMRTE 19 - Experimental Versions

    Thanks for reporting this issue, can you please upload your savegame (dropbox for ex), send me the link through a private message if you want to
  4. BraCa

    [19] - Staff screen - error occurs

    Fixed in build 22
  5. BraCa

    iFMRTE 19 - Experimental Versions

    FMRTE 19 - Experimental Version 2 - RELEASED Download: https://www.fmrte.com/FMRTE19-Alpha2.1.zip This experimental version only allows you to edit a few features: Players (Skills, contracts, positions, relations, swap player, move player) Clubs information (reputation, stadium, relations) Select FMRTE language (take a look at Known issues) Changes Added clubs basic information Added clubs teams players Added clubs relations Added clubs finances Added Current Screen Added preset manager Added ability to create presets to add injuries to players (useful for Destroy team buttons) Heal Team, Destroy Team, Inspire Team buttons, can be edited in Preset Manager Fixed players ratings Fixed some UI issues What is this? FMRTE for MacOs is being rebuilt to be more like the Windows version. This is the first experimental version of the new FMRTE for Mac. You said it would have almost every feature the Windows version has, but it doesn't even have all iFMRTE features That's true, with this first version I just want to test if it works, I'm not worried yet with all feature set. What am I supposed to do with this? You don't need to download and use this version, but if you are willing to help, them give it a try. See if the few features it has are working properly, and report any issue you found Known Issues: Application will crash if your save game is not loaded Some languages are not working yet (for ex, Chinese)
  6. BraCa

    FMRTE 19 for Windows

    FMRTE 19.2.1 (Build 22) - RELEASED Download: FMRTE Auto-update or https://www.fmrte.com/download/fmrte19 Changelog Fixed An issue with players with staff attributes hair colour An issue with players with staff attributes hair length An error on clubs staff list An issue when changing an affiliation Parent or Feeder club Freezer was not freezing some player staff attributes Some minor cosmetic issues
  7. BraCa

    + - buttons

    Unfortunately for some features like Clubs Affiliations, we cannot add the + - buttons, as we didn't find a way (yet) to make them work without causing a crash 😕
  8. BraCa

    [19] - Freeze stats not working

    @indexyou thanks, that will be fixed in our next release (build 22)
  9. BraCa

    [19] - Player Contract Happiness

    Can you provide me a savegame where this happens? (upload it to dropbox or similar) And tell me the player name
  10. BraCa

    [19] - IsInjured Not Working Properly

    FMRTE for Windows will have this feature available soon Mac users are a little bit luckier, as today I'm going to release an experimental version of FMRTE for Mac that will have this feature
  11. BraCa

    [19] - Issue with moving players

    Hi, Thank you for your feedback, in our the next release (build 22) this window will be way more user friendly Cheers
  12. BraCa

    [19] - Cant change FM19

    Hi, Your description is too generic, I didn't understand what you have edited. So please give us more details, about what you have edited. Usually when you save something in FMRTE, you need to advance in game 1 or 2 days, before your changes are visible ingame.
  13. BraCa

    [19] - Coefficients

    Hi, Can you give me an example? Thanks
  14. BraCa

    [19] - Both players already have

    Hi, If you change the player of a future transfer , you must ensure that the new player does not have a Future Transfer already set. FMRTE will warn you that you cannot edit the transfer, because the new player, already has a future transfer. If you are sure that's the case, then send me the savegame (upload it to dropbox) so I can take a look Cheers
  15. BraCa

    [19] - Staff Swapping Issue

    Hi, Do you have a savegame before the swap? If so, please upload it to dropbox, and send me the link. Then tell me step-by-step how can I reproduce the issue Thanks

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