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  1. FM24 - Custom Start Date View File Read the Recommended post pinned above before posting👆 This Custom Start File enables you to commence the game after the standard default setup dates, making it perfect for users who wish to start midway through a season. You need to be an FMRTE license holder in order to download this file. Note that Marituas is used as the country for this setup, so if you intend to make that country playable, this file cannot be used. Please note that this file is incompatible with any other Custom Start file and should not be shared on other platforms/websites. We regularly update this file every week, allowing you to commence the game on the current real-life date. If you want older Builds scroll down this page to -See Changelog below other Builds will show there. There is a bug in the game that when using custom start dates transfer budgets do not get increased in the first transfer window read from this post here for details. Install Instructions Credits: culturedleftfoot Kindly note that all downloaded files are intended for personal use only and should not be redistributed or shared without explicit permission. Submitter culturedleftfoot Submitted 01/20/24 Category Custom Start Date FM23 Custom start date files.zip
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  2. This is my custom start date allowing you to start FM23/24 in later seasons. I have used Marituas as the country to set this up and so if you do want to use that country to be playable you cannot use this file I use this to check files I am creating to see if they are stable and work well several years in advance without the need to sim/holiday the game for many years which depending on your system/nations loaded can take hours/days! So you could start a season up to 10 years ahead using this, without having to Sim/holiday from the 22/23 season yourself in holiday mode.The start date will be early June from 2022-2032, you pick your start up from the drop down list, The game will sim Promotions and relegations still taking place. The known drawbacks if you started in say 2026 the game would be slower on its initial first start up, but only a couple of minutes more, after this it would be as normal; there is no transfer activity you would have the same squads as per 22/23 season including the same managers,[unless you have a Mod with the up to date transfers added] but once you start playing transfer activity will start again as normal. also player stats would look as though it had been one long season in player history [as said I use this to test files only ] This cannot be used with any other custom start file and is not to be posted on any other sites I am sharing this with the FMRTE community only. How to download- FM23 Direct Download for FMRTE users only- CulturedLeftfoot's Extra Custom Start Date.fmf FM24 Direct Download for FMRTE users only - FM24 CulturedLeftfoot's Extra Custom Start Date.fmf Like and subscribe to this post to get the content, and for further files to be added in future DO NOT PM FOR THE DOWNLOAD Where do I place files/mods I have downloaded-read this for full details PC+Mac users click Here Closing thread to comments at this stage as its being used by some users to post on other things.
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