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  1. Real fixtures and tv dates (if i have correct information) and results. All FIXTURES COMPATIBLE WITH 23.2 UPDATE. I have copied all fixtures into new files so any RULE CHANGES made in the 23.2 update work eg var in Scottish Prem. I have once again altered the CARABAO CUP to match this season one match on a thurs per round i have also split the 4th round up instead of all games been played on a Tue. All files have been tested over a full season and work as intended. In real results there maybe the odd random result because of any games postponed in real life i keep to the original date to prevent fixture congestion and to keep it real for anyone starting a full season. I cant do anything about games sometimes been switched because of European or Domestic cup games. Instructions extract the zip place files - documents - sports interactive -football manager 2023 -editor data Fixtures are for the following leagues[WIP] England prem to conference north/south Bundesliga 1+2+3 La Liga 1+2 Serie A + B Juventus points reduction removed Scottish Premier League to League 2 Croatia 1st Division Portugal 1+2 Slovenia 1st Division Netherlands 1st Division Austria 1st Division Belgium 1st Division Poland 1st Division Denmark 1st Division Turkey[issues with rule changes so unable to add at this stage] France[issues with rule changes so unable to add at this stage] current results are up to and including 28/5/23 I will update all fixtures and results when league season is over NOTE : Results can not be done for cups, playoffs or league splits Download culturedleftfoot's custom start date here league fixtures.zip
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  2. NB READ THE RECOMMENDED POSTS PINNED TO THE TOP OF THE THREAD 👆 Here is my custom start file to start the game later than the normal default set up dates, this is ideal for users wanting to start mid way through a season. It is a start date file only just to be clear. With an additional Mod such as a real fixtures/results file[not part of this file,but linked below] you could then take over Wolves sitting bottom of the EPL as of the 14/11/22 [Build 1] I have used Marituas as the country to set this up and so if you do want to use that country to be playable you cannot use this file This cannot be used with any other custom start file and is not to be posted on any other sites I am sharing this with the FMRTE community only. Where do I place files I have downloaded-read this for full details PC+Mac users click this link Real results/fixtures read below Builds and downloads Build 1-start date 14/11/22 Build 2-start date 21/11/22 Build 3-start date 26/12/22 Build 4-start date 02/01/23 Build 5-start date 16/01/23 Build 6-start date 23/01/23 Build 7-start date 30/01/23 Build 8-start date 06/02/23 Build 9-start date 13/02/23 Build 10-start date 20/02/23 Build 11-start date 27/02/23 Build 11[b]-start date 27/02/23 [updated to the FM23.3.0 DB] Build 12-start date 06/03/23 for use with the FM23.3.0 DB Build 13-start date 13/03/23 for use with the FM23.3.0 DB Build 14-start date 20/03/23] for use with the FM23.3.0 DB Build 15-start date 27/03/23] for use with the FM23.3.0 DB Build 16-start date 27/03/23] for use with the FM23.4.0 DB Build 17-start date 10/04/23] for use with the FM23.4.0 DB Build 18-start date 24/04/23] for use with the FM23.4.0 DB Build 19-start date 01/05/23] for use with the FM23.4.0 DB Build 20-start date 08/05/23] for use with the FM23.4.0 DB Build 21-start date 15/05/23] for use with the FM23.4.0 DB Build 22-start date 22/05/23] for use with the FM23.4.0 DB Build 23-start date 29/05/23] for use with the FM23.4.0 DB Build 24-start date 05/06/23] for use with the FM23.4.0 DB NB I recommend deleting the older versions you do not use, and only have one version in your editor data folder. NB With recent versions of the game only a Monday can be used to start a custom date SI have been informed of this bug. How to download Check the recommended posts above I will just start a new PM with download links weekly to stop the excessive numbers building up. Any user asking questions on things covered in this post will have their post deleted so read this clearly. I am closing the thread to comments at this stage.
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