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  1. Hi there, Would it be possible to add a feature to change a players preferred role on the positions tab in FMRTE please? For example, I have an AMC who's natural role is Attacking Midfielder (Support). However, he is much better suited to an Enganche (Support) role. I am training him in this role but it is taking forever for his tactical familiarity to the Position/Role/Duty to improve in his development tab... Print screen below; In fact, with the skin I use, his tactical familiarity (green pie chart) is 8/10 for the Enganche (Support) role; And 10/10 for the Attacking Midfielder (Support) role, in the same position i.e. AMC; This is true for other players as it is a nightmare to change naturally in-game it seems! If this could be added, it would be great! Thanks a lot!
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