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    i get what u say, but i hv been doing that for a long time and i'm tired of it. yes condition refers to match exercise. among all the fitness attributes this is the most important. only modifying match exercise/ condition is sufficient. plz go through my 1st post carefully. all your doubts hv been cleared in that post. just go through it. i hv already mentioned that this preset is highly sensitive to your tactics. eg. i'm playing with some strange counter-attacking formation i found on the net. it gives you 75% plus possession evreytime but i rarely score goals. hell i hv even lost a couple of matches with that formation. nops not yet. though i dearly wish that BraCa makes one. see the original point of having the Invincible preset is to achieve one particular aim- win games as realistically as possible (barca style with lots of possession & 3-4 goals/match). everybody knows about the 29634 & 32700 presets that can be applied to the entire team but gives you cricket scorelines e.g. 21-0, 16-0. that just takes away the fun. i'll tell u the reason behind this preset. i was managing Huddersfield Town in league 1. the 1st season i won every trophy (including the FA cup & League Cup) and the following season I got promoted to the Championship & won the Europa League. My board was elated but in the these 2 seasons I had beaten a lot of big teams in England & Europe by HUGE margins. that was just not fun. managers were being fired all over the continent & in England. it just fucks up the game. so what i did was the was to take the original 29634 template & reduce the values for match exercise/player condition (not Fitness!!:dodgy:) to the 15,000-17,000 range. i can say that i'm happy with the current invincible preset now. the objective has been achieved. i'm having 60-70% possession now & score 3-4 goals per match with Man Utd. plz keep in mind that the results with this preset are highly sensitive to your tactics and opponent strength. one very rare occasions i end up scoring 8-10 goals in the domestic cups but those are against 2/3rd division sides. also with some tactics u end up losing too. as i had mentioned in an earlier post there was this tactic with which i was getting mind-blowing possession (80% plus) but had lost a few games too. but that's how it happens in the real world ain't it?:cool: there were some problems with Invincible 1.0. i noticed that 2/3 players' condition reverted to their original values during the game resulting in slightly poorer performance. so i had uploaded a revised one and in this post too i'll be attaching another revised version where player condition is now set at 17,000 & this seems to be stable. Guys, u are free to experiment with this template as much as u want. my guess is that the ceiling would be around 20,000 for player condition beyond which they will turn into super-freaks and we'll again get those cricket scorelines. Cheers Mate! P.S. Folks plz go through the 1st post. Most of the answers to your queries can be found there. Attaching the latest Invincible preset & for that incredible mind-blowing tactic which gives me 80-90% possession but only 1or 2 goals per match plz visit this webpage: http://fmtacticalnewspaper.fmcrowd.com/3-4-3-possession-discussion-3-possession-break/
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