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  1. Please tell me how to change the club stadium pitch dimensions, each time i try it resets to 0 and nothing changes, has anyone else had any luck with this? I bought fmrte for this but sadly it seems not to work. Is it possible to get a refund?
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  2. Hi Find the unique ID for the stadium, and then go to this folder: \steamapps\common\Football Manager 2015\data\db\1530\lnc Create a document or edit one of the ones already there, this should be added: "STADIUM_NAME_CHANGE" unique-ID "new stadium name" "" Remember all the " must be where I typed. Save document as an .lnc file or just replace the edited one. Start up FM and play your game, the stadium should be renamed. If you have several games, this will affect all games. So every stadium with that unique-ID will be renamed in every game. If you want to avoid you need to keep remember remov
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