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  1. Hey BraCa, Love everything you do, and I've been using the software for years (Windows, Mac, paid licenses and before). My comment/complaint/suggestion is about iFMRTE and the fact you require a paid license for what you admit is a beta version. Now, I just paid so I really have no argument here, just looking for a discussion about the ethics more so than anything, but I feel like requiring people to pay the same price for a license as those purchasing one for the fully stable Windows version is a little unfair, no? Just my 2c, and I'm sure not a very popular opinion but wanted to open it up/put it out there. I know a lot more people have trouble with FMRTE for OS X opposed to Windows as you have openly admitted you are new to Mac development. Surely a €1.99/€2.99 price tag would be more fitting for the beta version until you release a final? Keep up the good work, N.
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  2. I agree, even paying for unstable version is a bit of unfair. People would pay only for desire to play it so bad. But if you really could create a stable Mac Version, i'm sure people would buy it.
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