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    File Name: FMRTE File Submitter: BraCa File Submitted: 07 Nov 2012 File Category: FMRTE Windows IMPORTANT – PLEASE READ! The version of FMRTE was designed to work with FM 13.1.2 STEAM automatically updates the game when a new patch is released. While it’s advisable to keep the game updated, you should know that every time the game is updated it makes FMRTE useless, meaning that it also needs to be updated. So if you want to keep using FMRTE, you SHOULD use STEAM in OFFLINE mode, or do a full backup of the folder of the game, so you can restore it later. This is to prevent the game from being updated automatically as we cannot GUARANTEE that we will be able to update FMRTE to make it work with a future game patch. FMRTE Requires .NET FRAMEWORK 4.0 Changelog (build 17 to 18) Fixed a bug that was causing FMRTE to keep showing the activation window even when FMRTE was already activated Editing person names is now disabled (to prevent game crashes) Changelog (build 15 to 17)Added support for FM13 Added support for FM13 (Russian) Fixed a bug with the Inspire Team button that was causing FM to crash FM versions supported: [*]Football Manager 2013 – (Retail version) [*]Football Manager 2013 – (Russian version) [*]Football Manager 2013 – (Retail version) [*]Football Manager 2013 – (Russian version) [*]Football Manager 2013 – (Retail version)
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    Damn dude, you're fast with these updates this time around. I salute you!
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    You can FREEZE the stats after editing. That will kepp them at 20.
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    Just try to 'play' with the stats a bit. Learn what stats are needed for certain positions, learn how to shift the stats a player has in a way his numbers fit better to his position. FMRTE is great to learn how the game actually works when having a close eye on the variation of stats and to learn how training works and how certain stats work together. If you know sites like 'FM Scout' there are several tutorials that that have been worked on since years and give you a brief insight about game mechanics already.
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    Hey Braca, Thanks for your good work and support, regards
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    Guys, in a few minutes (30/40) I will upload and create a new topic for experimental versions of FMRTE.. That topic should be used for users that want to help us test experimental versions of FMRTE.. more info soon
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