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  4. brief test using FM20 and current FMRTE changed the resolution and skin a few times with no issues Right off to see my daughter havent be able to for 3 months so away for a few days and wont have access to the game/app
  5. Will take a look when I am back home Thread will stay up as it is really helpful 👍
  6. Thanks, I did so. Still, I think this thread is useful to keep around, because it's not just one version, there are at least four (FMRTE 12, 13, 14 and 15) and could possible be more - therefore, more people could encounter it and, fortunately, I was able to find and provide a workaround. But, if I may, I would like to ask you to do me a service (and likely, to the community and the devs as well), if you would be so kind. As I have said, I have not been to test the bug for FMRTE 16 and later, so could you test to see what happens if you use a different resolution in newer versions of FM and FMRTE (which one you might have). I am interested in particular if the bug occurs in FMRTE versions which appeared after Win10 was launched.
  7. I have to report a bug: in Windows 10, if you set the game resolution to a value different than the resolution windows uses at that moment (for instance, if you have the Windows screen running at 1920x1080 and try to set the game at 1600x900 or any other value different than 1920x1080), the FMRTE generates an error message "can't create icon data" and crashes. The error occurs in FMRTE 12, 13, 14 and 15. I cannot confirm whether it occurs in newer version, because FM 2015 is the last game I have and therefore I was not able to test FMRTE 16 and newer versions. I have reproduced the error on 2 different machines. If the resolutions of windows and football manager match, the error does not occur. This error does not seem to happen in Win7, as I have tested it on a third machine using Win7 and I have not been able to reproduce the error. Running either FMRTE or Football Manager in Win7 compatibility mode does not solve the bug. I have seen a topic in the forums, which seemed to indicated that this bug (or something similar) had been reported before (in a thread apparently deleted since then). Can anyone provide some feedback on the issue?
  8. my suggestion is to report it as a bug to see if the Devs have any feedback
  9. Sorry i just seen your reply... 😕
  10. Important update: Unfortunately, it seems this error is not specific to FMRTE 12 (5.2.7) only. I have tested the FMRTE for FM 2013, 2014 and 2015 and the error reoccurs. I cannot confirm it for the later games, as FM 2015 is the last game I have (I stopped buying it around 2015 since my PC wasn't powerful enough anymore to run the game smoothly) Whenever you change the game resolution to something different from Windows resolution, the FMRTE gets "can't create icon data" error and crashes. It seems to be Win10 specific, because I have not been able to replicate it on Win7. The good part is that the error does not seem to occur if Win10 and the game are using the same resolution.
  11. It is not possible to edit "Prizes" for leagues without one. Nothing is displayed in FMRTE, could you fix it please?
  12. Last week
  13. glad you have found a resolution yes re your last point without the old bug report I am unable to assist as it sounds like it was an issue no sign of it now
  14. Well, I think I might have figured out the cause. It occurs if the game resolution is different from the windows screen resolution. That is, if the windows screen is, say, using 1920x1080 and you want to run the game at 1366x768 (for instance, to have a bigger font, because on a laptop the game text in FM is downright tiny at 1920x1080, as old Football Managers do not know how to scale the same way Win10 does), FMRTE 5.2.7 gets an error that "could not create icon data" and crashes. But it does not seem to happen if windows screen resolution and game resolution match. It happened first on my new desktop, and I managed to replicate the error on my laptop (when I tested first, I ran the game at the same resolution as the monitor, hence I draw the wrong conclusion that it was working fine on it). The issue does not seem to appear in Win7, as I tested it repeatedly on an old PC with Win7 and I have not been able to reproduce the error. Honestly, I don't think that would happen. What dev would bother himself with such an old version? But if the bug had been reported and the original poster (Berg) did not return after being directed to the bug forums, I assumed a solution had been found in the past - hence why I was looking for the old bug topics.
  15. Hi A member of staff moved/deleted all the old bug reports mate so may be gone. This would be one for the devs to resolve cheers
  16. Hello, Culturedleftfoot. Could you provide a link to where this problem had been reported? When I tried to verify whether older versions of FMRTE work with Win10, I have encountered this error at FMRTE 5.2.7 (which worked fine on Win7). I have not been able to find the threads where this problem has already been reported, as my search returned only this topic. Thanks in advance. Edited: tested it on my laptop which uses also Win10, and the issue does not appear. It seems there is something particular which FMRTE 5.2.7 does not like and it would be useful if I could determine what exactly.
  17. I use 12749 and then freeze the player for the match. They stay at 100% (unless they get a knock). Works for me. I haven't tried 12750. All other fitness values I have tried seem to result in fatiguing. 29 for a position seems to make no difference
  18. Following on from this request - The option to edit future career plans would be an excellent addition IMO by doing this pre game it influences if a player will decide to stay in game after finishing playing , it also influences a persons decision if he should/wants to leave his current club/sign a new contract etc etc
  19. This is a feature I have asked for previously as it is one that would allow us the option to make the game more realistic eg you have the option to change a senior player who is about to retire and leave the game into another type as per the pre game editor
  20. Thank you! I will have it a try with that suggested formation.
  21. ask in feature suggestion forum for more options/and or the ability to import your own tactic for things like this
  22. Nearly, i use a ML and an MR instead of 3 MC
  23. I explain how to do this in the FAQs in the preset explanation
  24. Hi, i am using the following tactic: DL-DC-DC-DR ML-MC-MR AMC-AMC ST Now i wanted to edit my assistant manager and my head of youth development to be familiar with this tactic but i cant find one that comes close too that, which one is the best fit in FMRTE tactics of the coaches?
  25. Press the Control key and click the players you want, then right-click the selected players and click Edit if it is there. Or you can just double-click each player and they are added as a tab.
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