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Career Plan Mod for Players to allow FMRTE to edit future plans

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As it stands the excellent feature @BraCa has addedūüĎ欆career plans


This allows us to use FMRTE to edit career plans of players/staff.


But the drawback is you can only edit existing career plans- so if a player has none you cannot add any.


This is one of the most important features added IMO as this determines if a player will want to leave/join certain clubs and.........


Even more importantly it influences if a player remains in the game as a non player when he hangs up his boots, which is crucial for older players coming to the end of their playing careers


With this Mod I am sharing with the community here I have added career plans to all players aged 30+ in the DB with a PA over 150 so basically all the 'top' players 


Download here 


read this for full instructions -  Where do I place files/mods I have downloaded-read this for full details PC+Mac users


like and follow for further contentūüėČ

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I have edited  1123  top players so they now have career plans[the vast majority had none previously]





I have added 4 editable career options 



This should mean that all these players will stay in the game now as coaches/managers etc


if they dont SI have something hardcoded that stops certain players from remaining in the DB once they finish playing

but I have tested this for years and players stay in the game after doing this [even someone like Bale who it usually says unedited in his profile in game, he doesnt want to stay in game add a non player career plan and he does ]


and using FMRTE you can edit these player's plans to be a scout/GK coach even to continue playing at certain clubs/nations etc etc

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