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Matching All Players CA to PA?


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16 hours ago, culturedleftfoot said:

not possible with current presets as far as I know, anyone who can do this please update the thread.


The RCA option allows matching CA with RCA only, and IIRC we trialed matching PA too whilst beta testing the feature previously but it didnt work as intended 🤔

Do you know fastest way to update player's stats?


When i match ca to pa some players are taking 1 month to get developed in their profiles.

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On 11/9/2022 at 5:01 PM, N O said:

Hello, i just want to match everyone's CA to their PA


is this possible to do with any preset or function?


For example > search all players > right click > choose "Match CA to PA"


save done..




Just filter the players you want to do that with in Mass Edit and use the Match CA to PA option in there? I've often used at start of game to make everyone a year younger.

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