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Custom Start Date for FM23[start 10 years ahead]

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Here is my custom start date allowing you to start FM23 in later seasons.


I have used Marituas as the country to set this up and so if you do want to use that country to be playable you cannot use this file 


I use this to check files I am creating to see if they are stable and work well several years in advance without the need to sim/holiday the game for many years which depending on your system/nations loaded can take hours/days!


So you could start a season up to 10 years ahead using this, without having to Sim/holiday  from the 22/23 season yourself in holiday mode.


The game does it on game set up with Promotion and relegation still taking place.


The known drawbacks if you started in say 2026 the game would be slower on its initial first start up, but only a couple of minutes more, after this it would be as normal;

there is no transfer activity you would have the same squads as per 22/23 season including the same managers,[unless you have a Mod with the up to date transfers added] but once you start playing transfer activity will start again as normal.

also player stats would look as though it had been one long season in player history [as said I use this to test files only ]


This cannot be used with any other custom start file and is not to be posted on any other sites I am sharing this with the FMRTE community only.


Download here 



As always Download the  file and paste them in Documents \Sports Interactive \Football Manager 2023 \editor data folder if there isnt an editor data folder create one[using lower case do not use caps ]


Open the game and start a new career

Select Database

Then a drop down menu appears of all the files in your edited data folder

make sure the file/s you want to use are checked with a tick and then you are good to go

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make sure you place the file in your editor data folder


start a new save
now select the data base 23.0 and in the drop down menu select the edited file/s you want to load



after selecting the edited files you want to load press confirm then advanced set up


Now select add/remove leagues


you must select  the top right option to get the custom date to work- its under Africa and called FMRTE Custom Start Date press confirm


now on the active leagues page

select culturedleftfoot league to view-only




Now select the game start date bottom right hand of page

select the FMRTE Custom Start Date option and the date you want  from the 3 date options and press start game


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