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FMRTE - Mass Edit question


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Hey, not sure if this is the correct place to ask this.. so sorry in advance if not.


Anyways, I'm just wondering can you mass edit all teams to have a 0 transfer budget remaining?

I've used the sortitoutsi data update, and the real results/custom start date to start in 2022.. and with abit of time restarting the game, I've managed to get all the right playoff winners in England (Nottm Forest, Sunderland, Port Vale and Grimsby)


But now I want to disable teams from buying players to keep the data correct for the 22/23 season. I know you can select disable first transfer window when setting up the game (which I did do) but it seems it doesn't work with the custom start date (or it was for a previous transfer window) As teams are signing players for money on my save.

So I would like to mass edit all teams transfer budgets to £0 to stop them buying any players. I'm tempted to purchase FMRTE for this purpose if it's possible?

I haven't bought FMRTE for a good few years now (I think 18 or 19 was the last time I bought a license) I have been happy enough with the Official in-game editor. Which is good renaming stadiums/ fixing things. But there's no way I have the time or patience to go through every team 1 by 1 with the in-game editor, and setting their remaining transfer budget to £0 though.

So I'm hoping this is possible with the FMRTE mass edit feature? I just wanted to check before purchasing a license.. thanks!

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