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Weird bug about B team after messing around with the editor

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Hi guys, I'm currently doing a Coruna save, and I would like to know how to make my b team show on the toolbar again.


I found out that their B team was unable to play matches because the B team was in a lower league than the game provides. Therefore, I tried to mess around with the editor, in order to looked for a way the put the B team to be able to participate in games. After dozens of attempts, including to change that particular B team column into other Spanish team, the B team logo which is supposed to be below the u19 team disappeared. However, after a few seasons, I accidentally found out that the B team just "climbed" (which is amusing enough) to the lowest league available to play with. Now I'm wondering if anyone have encountered the same issue lol. Thank for the help in advance.


ps. I think I can create another manager to manage that team by myself but I just curious about if anyone knows how to fix the bug haha.


Thank you very much!


b team logo disappeared from the toolbar on the lefthand side


b team still be shown on top


b team still accessible


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Can you read this and post accordingly

please explain why you think this is an FMRTE issue? you say editor in the title I take it you mean FMRTE and not the pre game editor? you need to clarify and post more details like what you actually did in FMRTE


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