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Modification of foreign players

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16 hours ago, aviadal said:
Why did you change and remove options, why can't we change that there will be no foreign players in football?


your post is confusing, you also initially posted in the forum not relating to FMRTE but the pre game editor so are you asking about FMRTE?


what has changed? you need to give more information and be clear


also read the linked thread below before replying


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6 hours ago, aviadal said:

There is no possibility of changing that there will be no foreigners in football, the possibility of increasing the coaching staff


in future post as per that linked thread I posted yesterday,just adding the possibility of increasing the coaching staff- has not clarified anything it is infact another question which is already answered 




you need to read the guide, FAQs etc and use the search function


also do not PM staff with the same question wait for a reply on the forums


so unless you clarify and post more information this will be closed




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