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Cannot offer contracts after making a team professional

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Running FM22 version 22.4.1 and FMRTE 22.4.1 build 23


I create a team in the lowest league of Netherlands and then got promoted until Second League. At this point, the team was still semi-professional. But I wanted to go Professional so I edited with FMRTE.

Changed the teams status to Professional, raised the reputation to 3500 and then saved.


All my players are still on amateur contract and I cannot offer them professional contracts.

Can anyone help on how to get in a position to offer professional contracts?

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1 hour ago, andreism said:

Running FMRTE. on a 64bit Windows 11 Lenovo Legion laptop (AMD Ryzen 5, 16 GB ram).

Don't know what more I can add. It's the same system

Genuine question what more can I add in the thread I have previously linked to you[and have again below] to make it clearer as to what is required to post if a user is having issues?


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Thanks thats the information👍


now I have taken a look at changing some semi professional clubs to professional and upping their rep as you have


my suggestion is change the player contracts in FMRTE to full time and give them a set wage - I have tried this and it works as you can then offer them new contracts in game


you may be able to set up a preset to do this to all  have a go at that



why you cant offer a full time contract in game to players if you have changed club rep and given them the finances to do so I  cant explain

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I have changed the contract to Full Time in FMRTe and that works, of course.
Just to be clear, I cannot offer both existing and new players a new contract....


I think there are some teams in FM that have a "always amator" flag in the DB and I have chosen one of those.... Any known way to bypass this ? Shame to restart a career after 5 seasons...

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I will @BraCa to see if he  has any input, and you can ask on the SI forums why doing this in game wont allow you to offer a contract


unless the board are stopping it there shouldnt be a reason other than the league having rules to stop full time contracts which would have to be addressed pre game 

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