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Editing Stats - creates random stats on players

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Yo you crazy kids... So I am finding this really funny bug... basically i edit the stats of a player and freeze them. Then the next "continue" press i do my scouting and find a random regen or player with absolutely banging stats... like iroll20's stats..


anyone else have this issue?


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as always I love your profile photo😄

Cant tell if you are stating this is the player you edited then used the freezer option on? or an unedited player, and what correlation this has on using the freezer facility

also can you read and post the basic info required here




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haha cheers for the reply! Yea man, I wanted to be Yoda once haha...


Apologies on not being specific enough.


Game Version - Fm 22.4.1+1662587

Fmrte Version - Build 23

Running as Admin


This was Not a player i editied at all. I am finding that When ever i edit a players stats and save the changes and freeze their stats - That another Random players gets amazinglly boosted stats.


Hope that makes more sense?!

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