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No Brexit fm23

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This year obviously Brexit has occurred in real life and so the option as with previous versions was just to remove the Agreement change or edit it. This year the agreement tab is empty i.e. Brexit has happened the UK has left the EU


so England has to again return to the European Union if you want to reverse Brexit.


so go to nations in the Database - as soon as you click nations it will load a list of countries, so either search for England or scroll down the list and click on England


Now click on Information tab- Agreements tab appears in the drop down menu-click on that



You need to click Add to get the 2 agreements back 


Then use search to select the agreements you want to add you need 2 [as image above] 

when you press Add initially it will add European Union by default






You can add the start dates if you wish as the image below shows







Build 1-So this will be a test file to see if changing these does stop Brexit and address the work permit issues.[to use with default DB only] 




How to download-


Like and subscribe to my post/s to get the content and for further files to be added in future,any questions ask on this thread not by PM


 post on this thread stating your interest and also tag me-@culturedleftfoot


the PM system is getting overloaded with hundreds of messages a day, so do not PM asking for the content.


If you are a new member your posts will need to be approved be patient and I will add you to the download content when I have the time.






As always Download the  file and paste them in Documents \Sports Interactive \Football Manager 2023 \editor data folder if there isnt an editor data folder create one[using lower case do not use caps ]


Open the game and start a new career

Select Database

Then a drop down menu appears of all the files in your edited data folder

make sure the file/s you want to use are checked with a tick and then you are good to go


NB delete all older versions of this file you should only have one in your editor data folder


If there is an update to the game the file may not work in the new DB read the FAQ[30] to resolve this.

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30 minutes ago, robinsonik said:
Do we delete the "brexit" file from the data / database / db / 2023 / dbc folder beforehand? Do we leave as is, just add to "editor data"?


I left that file in FM22 and it didnt impact on removing Brexit, IMO it is just a superficial file it may have changed this year but as stated this file needs users to test and report back with findings. It seems ok at this stage

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