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Help me, please

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Hi to all


After two emails sent to the administration I received no response, so I had to recreate the account. My request was this


"Dear Operator


I am having a problem logging in with my email and password to your site. I'm an old buyer (I don't participate in the forum, I only buy the Fmrte versions), I don't even remember the nick on the forum. When I ask for password recovery, it doesn't send it back to me (I'm registered with an antispam mail, that I use only to buy from your site), so I have the feeling that you have blacklisted the Yopmail site, can you confirm this, please? If so, is it possible to change my mail with a gmail? I don't want to lose the software I bought in the past. I am also ready to show you Paypal receipts to confirm the truth. I'm waiting for your answer, best regards"


Can you help me change my email to my old contact, where the purchased Fmrte versions are, I don't want to lose what I spent. Also I should buy the new version (fmrte 22). As I said in the email, I can also show the admins the paypal receipts.

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31 minutes ago, culturedleftfoot said:

if you are having issues with an  account you need to contact the Devs directly via your client area


what was your 'old' account tag it into the post so I can take a look



As I said, I don't remember the name used by my account, but I was connecting ONLY to buy the various versions of Fmrte, I didn't participate in the forum (to connect I used email and password), I tried several times to change the password, but I don't get the password change mail (I still use a Yopmail antispam mail with this new account, so I don't think it's a problem of blacklisted mail). Thank you for your answer, I will contact the devs in the appropriate section


If you need "old" account email, I can send you via Pm, let me know, many thank's.

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