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FMRTE 22 for Windows


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18 minutes ago, BraCa said:

FMRTE 22.0.1 (build 4) - Released

Download: FMRTE Auto-Update or https://www.fmrte.com/download/fmrte22



  • Freezer not restoring some player attributes (you need to re-freeze your players)

just for new users info sometimes the App doesnt auto update 


so just click here


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can users read and follow this you need to provide the details requested not just state I have found a problemūüėČ

as some are not using the App as suggested Run as administrator and/or not using the current updated build 



also please stop asking when unsackable will be added etc

the devs are working on features and will be updated to the App if and when they can, so just be patient


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35 minutes ago, Kilmarnock Sam said:

Loving it so far guys thanks for the release


Playing with Bolton currently 442 tactic from FM21 is doing well , only trouble is work permits when buying talent abroad to progress the team , 


I'm guessing something you guys can add into gamer options in the future"no permit etc"?  Thanks for release 

whats the issue mate as Brexit can be reversed now and have you tried adding nation/s as being non foreign that should assist



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  • culturedleftfoot changed the title to FMRTE 22 for Windows[Read opening Post for news on supported Versions/Features]

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