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Windows FMRTE resource usage issues

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Hello! I'm having some issues with FMRTE's continuous CPU usage along with its interaction with my antivirus(CPU usage shown here with some labels).

What is your FM version: FM 21.4.0

What is your FMRTE version: 21.4.0 Build 37

Are you running FMRTE as administratorYes


Issue #1: Bitdefender antivirus. When I have FMRTE running and with a game loaded, it uses ~5% of CPU every few seconds (presumably checking database or something?). At precisely the same time and only when FMRTE is running, my antivirus also uses the same amount of CPU. I was able to solve this by adding the .exe to exceptions for "Advanced Threat Detection," but it's something that might be looking into at some point? 


Issue #2: The bigger issue that I have is with that idle CPU usage; using 5-7% CPU usage at idle seems pretty useless. FM21 is very low-cost at idle, so I usually leave it open in the background (<1% CPU usage) whereas FMRTE uses half to a third of the CPU usage that it uses for a filter/mass edit at idle. I understand that this is probably in order to keep the database up to date, but it seems very inefficient considering the game hasn't been touched in hours, and I would prefer to be able to keep FMRTE open without adding ~5 degrees to my idle temps. It also runs just fine immediately after being suspended via resource monitor, so I struggle to see the necessity of the constant usage and/or not having a pause/do calculations on interaction option.

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I use Comodo Internet Security and never had any issues with FMRTE.  Maybe try a different anti-virus? You can use both FM and FMRTE in offline mode so having your internet connection on is not necessary so in turn keeping your anti-virus in operation is not necessary too.  Just a thought.


Do any of your other software applications suffer too?

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