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Hi admin,


As stated, all my players gone.
It is not only mine but also other teams.
Only a handful of players from other teams left.


FM version: 15.3.2 627042 (m.e v1555)
FMRTE version: 15.3.2 (build 16)


I have submitted these issues in bug tracker:
#271 - https://www.fmrte.com/bug-tracker/fmrte/windows/my-players-all-gone-r271/
#430 - https://www.fmrte.com/bug-tracker/fmrte/windows/how-do-i-restore-my-players-r430/


Please help.


Thank you.






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Try this clearing your cache via AppData -roaming


C:\Users\YOUR USER NAME HERE\AppData\Roaming


find your version of FMRTE copy and save it to desktop so you can keep it as a back up if needed later


you can then delete this folder you will lose all your FMRTE settings and will need to re apply your license code[found in your client area]



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if that doesnt work only a Dev can assist and you have submitted what looks like 2 bug reports? so any reply will be there and in future 1 report is enough 


you havent stated if you are running the app as suggested BTW



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Hi admins,


I have cleared the cache via AppData -roaming but still the result is the same

BTW I always run FMRTE as administrator and I am not Beta testing for S.I.

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