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Better Regens From Africa - A Project

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I really love my save game at the moment but I'm five seasons in and I'm getting annoyed that all the great regens are still coming from Europe and South America.

I need help, please!

Here's what I've edited.
I have boosted every African Nation's Youth Rating by 100 and their importance up a step as well.
I have one affiliate club in each African Nation and I have boosted my affiliate into a 6000 rep club with 20 for training facilities, youth facilities, junior coaching and youth recruitment.

This usually ensures a great flow of quality regens for these Nations. I get very few of them as I manage QPR and I lose out because of reputation and work permits but I really enjoy the slow transfer of power that happens over a long save game.

So what else can I do to make sure that Africa gets those regens?

Would really appreciate people's thoughts and expertise.


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