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Hi Everyone!

I do hope that this question is not one thats going to bore you ...

Im a player of FM and have done now for quite a few years. One thing l enjoy is just doing a few tweeks to a few teams so that it kind of makes life interesting.

Unfortunately when l started up my NEW FM21 l went to the editor only to find that its only using the FM20 database. HOWEVER when the game is booted up its saying FM21 Data base.

Am l kind of missing something here/ I do have to warn you that lm an over 65 year old player so my computer skills set is not as great as l would like them to be. Oh the joy of being a BORG! [is that way to retro as they say lol]

Anyway any help or advice on how lm able to get back to enjoying my FM is greatly appreciated. 

Here's to a Happy as possible Holidays..

Fingers crossed you stay safe and where needed Mask up.

I have been in isolation now since March 19th so FM is one of my way of relaxation.

Thanks for your help


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