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What are the most critical data impossible to edit ingame?

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This thread is made to prevent people from making frustrating mistakes after they build a new database.

I'm talking about the data you better have to be sure it's correct before throwing yourself into a long FM save.


From my experience with FM16, neither FMRTE nor SI's ingame editor can edit:


- Team name. Sure you can edit them via LNC files but the name you write is erasing all lengths of names : long name and short name.

Even more annoying, the LNC files only work with teams which were already in the default database. That means if your club has not been created by SI, its name cannot be changed forever.


- Alternative stadium conditions

- Regional divisions for a club (generally used in lower divisions when FM has to decide which subdivision a club has to be threw into).

- Nation name

- Region transfer preferences for a nation.

- Ownership type

- Average price of season ticket

- Club vision


I'm currently studying FM 2020 editors and it doesn't seem things have evolved so much. Si's ingame editor is still brilliant design-wise but I was utterly disappointed by the lack of improvements.

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Some years ago, I made a spreadsheet to compare the different editors, feature by feature.


It's mostly in French and pretty chaotic to read.


Features in red are data impossible to edit ingame.

Pre-game editor features begin at line 62.

Do not care about "requêté" column, it only means if the feature has been requested to the developers.







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