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Adding Injury

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Hello guys, I have a question - when I add an injury to a player, how does the cause of the injury get chosen?
For example I add an injury to a player from Mexico, and the cause is set to a game between Luxembourg and Moldova which didn't even happen.

Screenshot below:



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On 5/24/2020 at 10:51 PM, culturedleftfoot said:

no option for cause  there isnt in the pre game editor too


I have tested adding 10  different injuries to different players and they all show this-




being able to add an injury is a great feature of the app IMO

Great feature definitely :)

I was just curious about the way it selects the reason as sometimes it chooses some really non-realistic one as in the screenshot above.

Most of the time I get "In training" as well.


Thanks for your time and reply :D 

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