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2D and 3D custom Kits issue in CL games and created players issue with mini-FMRTE

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I've started my own, pre-edited ''legends utopia'' save.
So, I've been playing  with my Red Star Belgrade ( Crvena Zvezda Beograd ) team, and my 2D and 3D match custom kits work fine in domestic league and cups, but won't show up in my Champions League matches. I have found the reason for this one, it's the default kit license for CL, and all you need is to remove the competition name from default kits , but this is possible in official pre-game  and in-game editors. When I use FMRTE 20 and go to kits, in competitons section there is nothing. So I'm wondering, is it possible to change this issue via FMRTE 20, and how, if the answer is ''yes'', because I don't want to start new save just for that issue, and I don't have official in-game editor.
Also, in pre-game editor I've re-created some legendary players, and it all works fine for retired presons, or former players that are staff in official game data base, but when I created some people ( some of them are no longer among the living, sadly),and when I started my game, mini-FMRTE won't show their data. I found answer that this is an issue with their generated ID number in pre-game editor, because it and their ID in FMRTE load are not the same (and it's true, I had to change a couple of ID's in my face pack  config file for FMRTE ID's), but I didn't find how to solve this issue with mini-FMRTE.
So is there any solution for this one ?
Thanks in advance ;)

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