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[19] - Cannot Edit Player Retirement


What bugs/issues did you encounter: 

What is your FM version: 19.3.6-124975

What is your FMRTE version: 19

Which operating system are you using: Windows 8.1

Hello! First time poster long time supporter here.


So hej, I was trying to figure out how to make the game do away with retirement dates altogether using FMRTE, and while doing so I kind of broke a lot of player retirement dates. I was setting 'em for retirement at 31/12/9999, which made the Retirement information go away from FMRTE's player editor screen, but not from the game (they read as 31/12/9999, but when I look at the Retirements screen on FMRTE they show as 1/1/1000).


Later I figured out if you saved the date as 31/31/9999 it would make the retirement go away from the game (yay!) and I wanted to do this to all the other players I set as 31/12/9999, but the editor doesn't allow me to do so anymore (oh no :( ). Would you mind patching that up for us? It shouldn't be something super hard to pull off, you can reproduce it rather easily on any save game by messing around with the retirement dates. 


So here's the step by step to reproduce the problem:

- Edit a retirement date to 31/12/9999 on FMRTE.

- Close the player tab on FMRTE.

- Go in game. The retirement date should read as 31/12/9999.

- Go to that same player and try to edit it's retirement date. You will notice the tab is gone.

- Look into the Player Retirements tab on FMRTE. You will notice your edited retirement date will now be set to 1/1/1000.


Thank you guys for making this awesome software :) 


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FMRTE has some validations to ensure that the date we let our users edit is valid, in some cases if the data seems invalid, we will ignore it.


In your case, as you set the retirement date to 9999, FMRTE will save that (maybe we shouldn't) but later, when you reload your game in FMRTE, it will think that retirement is messed up, and will ignore it.


Anyway, I'll take a look into this an see if I can do something without breaking something else

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