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Plebby Pillock

[19] - No Response to Help Tickets


What bugs/issues did you encounter: 

What is your FM version: FM19

What is your FMRTE version: 19

Which operating system are you using: PC

I am aware we aren't supposed to post here about activation issues, but I have contacted and asked for help with my activation 4 times now since the start of the month and have heard nothing back from FMRTE admins, nor have any of my cases been processed. I have been using FMRTE19 since April this year having bought an activation code, but now its asking for another one and saying I don't have one. I've checked both my emails and client area and my code is literally gone. 


I just wanted to ask if anyone knows if the admins/owners even read the help tickets? I'm growing increasingly worried that I've been scammed or something due to literally no communication from FMRTE at all. I have attached a PayPal email that shows proof of purchase.


I know this thread will probably be closed immediately but could anyone give me any advice or help on how to get in contact with FMRTE, as they are completely blanking me?



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We were on holiday period we are trying our best to catch-up with all the emails we have received meanwhile we will try to get back at you as soon as possible.

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Thank you !! Sorry if I seem dramatic it's just I've had similar situations like this where I've been scammed, but clearly this isn't the case here. Thanks for replying and I hope the help tickets will be viewed soon :))

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